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Welcome to Idaho Baptist College!


Idaho Baptist College is a liberal arts Christian College associated
with the Southern Baptist Convention.

Our mission is to provide a broad education for men and women
to prepare them for worldwide leadership and service.

The college is committed to the Christian faith, educational
excellence, career preparation, personal growth, a sense of
community, and respect for all persons.

We strive to develop graduates who understand that the lordship
of Christ touches all vocations and to become
participants and leaders in their church and state.

Idaho Baptist College is a fully incorporated
nonprofit institution. All donations are tax deductible.


Idaho Baptist College and Anchor Baptist Church are located at the corner of Columbia and Meridian Rd. in Kuna, ID


Please contact us at 208-362-3803


Physical Address:


Idaho Baptist College

7910 S. Meridian Rd.

Kuna, ID



Please call for information on signing up and for more details on what will be offered this semester.